Get rid of "The Westy lean"


 In campervan conversions you tend to get a lot of weight down one side of the vehicle, the driver, the cupboards, the fridge, the water tank, the waste tank, the gas tank., all the heavy stuff on one side, next to nothing on the other.So, as you can imagine a lot of time Campers tend to lean to one side as thats where all the weight is.


The front shim is shaped such that it attaches to the rubber spring insulator and fits between the insulator and the vehicle body, it is designed so that the spring, or insulator cannot become dislodged easily.

The rear shim again fits between the van body and the upper spring insulator, it has a flat side to face the wheel for those rear wheels as not to catch the tyre, or if body modification has taken place to clear the wheels these shims will still fit!





 A good example of how an original damaged part can still be used as a pattern to make a new casting .
This part from a 1947 David Brown tractor had a serious corrosion issue.
The damaged part was blasted and then filled , so it could be used as a pattern to cast a new one .